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worm's eye-view photography of ceiling

Enhancing Tech Transfer in Biotech and Biopharma with Consultation Services


Serving with wisdom, compassion, integrity and good intention

Bodhi Nature LLC is a company that draws inspiration from the needs of academia and industry. They aim to offer top-notch consultation and free-lancing services in various fields such as biotech/biopharma, CDMOs industry, Internal/External Manufacturing, Tech Transfer, workforce development, and work-life balance. With a strong belief in serving others, their ultimate goal is to awaken positive possibilities in people's lives. Bodhi Nature LLC abides by the motto of "serving with wisdom, compassion, integrity, and good intention".


Bodhi Nature's services are designed to facilitate the development of large molecules (biologics, vaccines, cell and gene therapies) drug products, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey towards a successful product launch. With our expertise and experience, we support companies in all aspects of drug development, from initial formulation to technology transfer & commercialization. Our team works closely with clients to ensure that the development process is streamlined and meets all regulatory requirements. Through our comprehensive services, we help companies navigate the complex landscape of drug development, strategic internal and/or external tech transfer and manufacturing, reducing costs and time-to-market. Whether it's optimizing formulations, CDMO due diligence, tech transfer packages, or manufacturing logistics, Bodhi Nature is dedicated to providing the necessary support for a successful product launch.

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grayscale photo of tubes

Core Team

Thierry Nguyen MB EMTM
Thierry Nguyen MB EMTM

Thierry Nguyen, the founder of this company, is a highly experienced professional in the field of biologics, vaccines, and viral-based drug substances and products. With over 20 years of global experience, he is not only a strategic thinker but also a doer. Thierry is passionate about combining his strategic business vision with his extensive knowledge and skill sets in biotechnology, technology management, and lean practices. His ultimate goal is to integrate business and operational aspects into the process development, manufacturing science, and technology transfer. By doing so, he aims to facilitate an efficient path towards successful product launch and commercialization. Thierry Nguyen's expertise and dedication to his work make him an invaluable asset in the biotech industry.


Talent & WorkForce Development

Acquisition, development, and retention of top talent or re-skilling workforce is the top challenge for many companies.

We can help you with:

  • Role knowledge, skills, and abilities assessments

  • Position description updates

  • Succession planning

  • Training

  • Employee Value Proposition evaluation

  • Employee role-switching for skill development

Leadership Development

We have helped other leaders and teams succeed through:

  • Leading cross-functional and geographically separated teams

  • Interim leadership roles

  • Building trust relationships

  • Change management

  • Key Hires strategy

  • Talent development

  • Skills development

Drug Product Development and Tech Transfer

With experience in parenteral and liquid drug product, we have helped project teams and companies from discovery to commercialization for medical products. Call us for help on:

  • Interim roles

  • Fractional FTE support

  • Target Product Profile drafting

  • Patient-centric formulation and process design and development

  • Formulation and Process Development Study Direction and project management support

  • Stage-gate readiness assessment

  • Internal competency evaluation

  • Strategic Internal/External Sourcing and Manufacturing evaluation

  • CDMO Due Diligence and selection

  • Aseptic Fill-Finish Tech Transfer and Person-in-Plant support

  • Comprehensive Tech Transfer Package and ad-hoc support for both Biotech/Biopharma and CDMOs

Biotech Hub Development

Collaborating to help build an industry ecosystem. Bodhi Nature has direct experience with:

  • Strategic vision

  • Local ecosystem re-imagination

  • Business model refinement

  • Innovation Cluster network

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Corporate Innovation governance

person in black long sleeve shirt holding persons hand
person in black long sleeve shirt holding persons hand
"During the time we worked together, Thierry was instrumental in helping me, as a recruiter, understand what our business needs were. We met regularly to ensure we were focused on candidate’s who would bring the appropriate knowledge and skills to the roles. Thierry shares my sense of urgency and consistently displayed a passion for ensuring a great candidate experience."
Crystal Burris, Senior Biologics Recruiter for Catalent
"I know Thierry from working together on collaborations developing and communicating best practices in BioPharma manufacturing. I think Thierry played a central role in both taking good practices into Catalent and contributing their knowledge and know-how; demonstrating leadership in operational excellence and a collaborative spirit at industry level. A really nice chap to work with, too.

Dawood Dassu, BioPhorum leader


"It has been a personal pleasure working with Thierry. His energy, commitment, passion and incredible knowledge in helping ‘joining the dots’ across quite complex and technical areas has been fantastic. Your big picture view is one to be admired! I wish you all the best in your endeavours and wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend you. I will look forward to the day we get to work together again Thierry!"

Tony Gill, BioPhorum Development, Drug Substance, Fill Finish Director

person holding pencil near laptop computer
person holding pencil near laptop computer

"It was a true pleasure working with Thierry. He is very knowledgeable and experienced individual in Pharma/CDMO with a positive and collaborative attitude, stimulating teamwork across the organization to achieve great results."

Behzad Mahdavi, Ph.D., MBA, CEO I Executive Chairman | Global Strategic Innovation-Based Growth Leader I Synthetic Biology l Cell & Gene Therapy I Biopharma I CDMO I Transforming his followers to the next generation of innovative growth leaders

"He was a great asset in his ability to define the vision and strategy of our development portfolio. He helped me with my on-boarding and run smoothly our governance meetings to advance our development projects, a key pillar of our strategy. At that time I was heading the strategy development and execution at Catalent. I have been impressed by Thierry technical skills, the culture he created within our innovation functions. I would recommend Thierry for complex cross-functional innovation governance, he is talented, well respected by his peers and posse great interpersonal and leadership skills."

Abdelaziz Toumi, PhD, MBA, Chief Business Officer at KBI Biopharma/Selexis

"He developed excellent concept of a team that relies on each other’s strength and conquer together, while using generous amount of humour during the journey. His distinct and powerful characteristic of connecting real-life problems/situations, to a restaurant life is remarkable! His application of tactical thought process of breaking up larger challenge into smaller pieces for quick wins, was amazing."

Paresh Vadgama, Fellow Scientist - Biologics at Catalent Pharma Solutions

"I have the pleasure to work with Thierry within the bioIntegrated network in 2022. This network team helps to connect the diverse sites within Catalent, perform troubleshooting, cultivate best practices, and build new capabilities. All team members are experienced in biopharma industry but cover each unique aspect of development/manufacture area. As the manager of this group, Thierry is critical to ensure we all leverage each other and identify best opportunities to impact within the organization. Thierry is open minded and always there to listen. He also creates a positive environment where sharing and learning are prized."

Jingtao Zhang, Scientific Director at Catalent Biologics

"Thierry built a multicultural team of professionals that was an incredible blend. One of the key learnings of this journey was to look at things from the developer's perspective. As a team we navigated through the network to understand needs and assist aiming to deliver a better product to patients."

Roberta Bucci, Fellow Scientist, Bioanalytical Development presso Catalent Pharma Solutions

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